France tops in new FIFA ranking as Senegal ,Tunisa leads Africa

A total of six African countries made it to the top 50 in the latest ranking done by World Football governing body FIFA.

France have climbed to the summit of a much-changed FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking in the first edition of the global ladder since a new ranking formula took effect and Les Bleus became world champions.

The formula, which was approved by the FIFA Council in June after a lengthy period of testing, relies on adding/subtracting points won or lost for a game to/from the previous point totals rather than averaging game points over a given time period as in the previous version of the Ranking. The changes, of which there are several, include the fact that inactive teams now preserve their point totals, with no devaluation of older games. Points are dropped, however, from losing or drawing against weaker opposition, with the only exception to this rule matches in knockout rounds of major competitions such as the FIFA World Cup™.


African giants Senegal and Tunisia jointly occupy the 24th position ,the highest ranked by an African country with DRC (37) ,Ghana (45) Cameroon (47) and Nigeria (49) completing the top 50 ranked countries.





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