Dr. Eric Adede slams Gor Mahia management over lack of ambition

Dr.Adede reignites the ‘civil war’ at Gor Mahia by claiming that the management “doesn’t show any wish” to conquer Africa.

Dr.Eric Adede,who has waged a bitter battle with Mr.Ambrose Rachier for control of the club,once again poured scorn on the ambitions of his ‘rival’ after the exit of 2 key players halfway the season….speaking to Sokafrika earlier this morning he said “I think as a club we have lost it in so far as management is concerned. We lack focused leadership, no sane management can let their best players leave when they are almost in the quarter finals of a,major competition like the CAF cup. We have had players go-slow for lack of salaries, bonuses, appearance fees, signing on fees, those are issues that should not be bedeviling a club of Gor Mahia stature.

When I ran for Chairmanship, I had proposed structures for alternative revenue to keep Gor afloat, this was informed by the realization that in this day and age, football has ceased to be a mere entertaining sport, but a business, a combination of disciplined business ethics and structure is the only wat out of our quagmire, let us learn from our African compatriots if we are shy of European comparison.

Lets look at the business model of the likes of Sundowns, Kaizer Chiefs, Bloemfontein Celtic, Orlando Pirates, TP Mazembe, and closer home Azam, Simba, and Young Africans(Yanga). What is it that they are doing right? We should stop blame games and request the management to open up to modern ideas, let them engage club members with management expertise and stop the chronism being practised at the moment, the club is full of tired brains, brains which have been there for ages without offering any meaningful change, that’s why you find prolific and important players like Meddie Kagere leaving the club at such a crucial period of the season, and not just leaving but most annoyingly leaving on a free transfer!,

Walusimbi is just about to depart as well, how can a serious club like Gor Mahia even contemplate to be negotiating to sell one of their best players mid-season?, what message are we sending to our competitors? In my humble view Gor Mahia needs a total management overhaul, and if my two cents opinion was to be sort, I would begin by firing the CEO this morning, reason being, he is in charge of the day to day affairs of the club, he should ensure that players welfare is well looked after and that players have proper contracts, if there are any contract rebels that want to run out their contacts and walk away for free, cash in on them before they become free agents, that will not only generate revenue for the club but offer leadership which he is being paid for. Gor as a business is very viable and should be restored to its giant status “



  1. Oduor Otieno

    August 16, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    On point, the GMFC management is full of mediocrity. How can we have an office that claims every now and then that players played ‘poker’ with them while penning deals with prospective clubs, is the management so clueless that they are got flat footed every time a player exits the club.

    This management as it is lacks vision to propel this club to an African powerhouse, the much they have done is appreciated and ongoings are just a signal that they are all spent and tired… Everyone on the Management needs to move and a structure that conforms to a viable business model need to be put in place for the club to grow into a sustainable outfit before it meets its waterloo…

  2. Sean

    August 16, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Gor Mahia’s number one undoing lies in it’s own fan base. The few sane and sober reasoning fans have failed to compel the management into and sanity and meaningful development. While the rest of the fans which is the majority have ignorantly been misled over and compromised into choosing certain leaders. Same leaders who have deteriorated any development moves by the club in regard to financial stability and sustainability.

    I have seen not one not two but three energetic personalities and with good motives rise up and offer to take the club to the next phase but unfortunately their efforts have always been successfully thwarted.

    Gor’s problems begins and ends at the helm which is decided by the fans in disguise of members!

  3. JawuoroNg'uonKomin

    August 17, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    As it is now, our chances of succeeding at the Continental finals continue to dwindle. The management of GOR is failingthe the team at the most crucial moment.SAD!

    If the players welfare isn’t properly looked into and their contracts isn’t properly spelt, We’re likely to begin a diisplay of dismal performance at the Continental level beginning this sunday’s game against Rayon Sport.

    It was very WRONG for the club management to consent release of Kagere & Walusimbi at this critical moment.

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