Why Vihiga United was relegated, Indimuli.

Forget about Mt.kenya fc troubles,

2018/2019 season will remain the worst season ever for Vihiga united fc.All was well at the beginning of the season until frustrations from the employer/sponsor [County Government of vihiga] hit the team.The team had not lost any of their first five matches under former kenyan international Mike Mururi who was later shown the door together with his assistant Francis Xavior on performance grounds hoping that the decisin could turn the clubs fortunes a thing that never was.
It all began with players staging a boycott at Kidundu training grounds demanding salary and allowances that was in arrears they would later be addressed by the management and promissed thweir grievarances would be taken into consideration but nothing tangible was coming out as sources close to the team reveal.
The team started the season in debts carried from the previous seaason that had not been settled by the employer kits, hotels bills rouning into thousands of shillings something that made the team to forego camping for important matches,it is reported that in some matches players had to assemble the same match day have lunch afew hours to the match because of funds.


In alengthy interview with the club chairman Mr. Kahi Indimuli, the outspoken principal admits his tenure at the leadership has not been a bed of rosses and on many occassions he has been forced to deep into his poket and bail the team to avoid embarrasment whenever a need arose.
“football is not an electric switch,proper structures and mechanisms have to be put in place for things to run well,players are not robots they need peace of mind, need to be settled and awy from sideshows and distractions ” said Indimuli.
sources reveal that powerful sources at the county is behind the teams woes and this could be as a result of change of guard in the county leadership the team having started by the former Governor.
“i wonder why the county should sabbotage a noble thing like sports,this has been the only team in the conty participating in athe country’s toptier its ironicall thgat the team should suffer untill its relegated carrying the county’s name on its shirt as a sponsor,our last three matches the fns had to raise money to facilitate the team to mumias against tusker,against chemilil the team was denied bus on claims of not in service forcing as to plead with a school to give us a bus, its high time the copunty should denounce the team and give it back to the community” posed a frustrated fan.
According to the chair, the team was suffocated of funds and nothing proper was coming out but promises after the other,”it was difficult to engage other sponsor while the main the sponsorisnt saying so,the big question is it beacause of us in the executive i dont know, but we will have to wait and see now that the team is relegated if they will own up to the debts, am against disbanding the team though am not at the position to do so because the team does not belong to mne it has ownwers i will seat with thhe executive and see what we will come up with” szid the chair.
Vihiga united is bound to loose some key players to some KPL teams if proper structures are not put in place.

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