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14-year-old Female Striker Agatha Nimene set record in LFA Women’s Football with 10goals in a Match

It was amazing moment and Center of Attraction and this will actually go down in the history book of Liberian football , especially women’s Soccer and will shock the Soccer World of the 14-year-old Agatha Nimene a female Striker ,who scored a remarkable 10goals in a single football match.

It is unbelievable to many but this is count on July 5th 2019 as the teenage female Striker raddle the net in three hat -tricks,” plus one goal in total 10, in an 2019 Liberia Football Association Orange – Women’s football League match.

“Yes it’s 10goals in a game as Blanco FC ,thrash Naskid 11-0 at the famous Antoinette Tubman Staduim and all Sharon of praises goes to the 14-year-old Winger Agatha Nimene who found the back of the net on ten differences occasions.

-from the interior region of Nimba County , Liberia the ethnic tribe of mano, the button of grassroot football to the top of Liberian football and the central of Attraction of female football,the little Agatha Nimene on July 4th, 2019, made history in Liberian Women’s football as She scored 10 goals in a Females League encounter.

– Nimene made this history in Blanco’s win over Naskids at the age of 14.
– The Liberian female teenager is now the first player ever to score 10 goals in a Liberia Football Association League Match and the first to score 10goals in female soccer, perhaps the first Lady Striker to score 10goals at her age in World football.

She will definitely go down not only in history of Liberian football but will also be count in African female Soccer history book and the world at large.
Agatha Nimene on July 5th, 2019, recorded her name in the history books of the Liberia Football Association National League Women Division by scoring 10 goals in a match for Blanco Female Football Club.

Nimene became the first player ever to score 10 goals in a LFA Women League tie and the Teenager achieved this success against Naskids.

But unfortunately it isn’t Agatha Nimene that took home the Liberia Football Association Orange Women Football Golden Shoe , it was her Archrival, Angeline Kieh of Champions Earth Angels who won the League golden boots with a remarkable 42goals in a Single Season to clinich the pretigous Award, She beat Agatha Nimene by four goals different as the Blanco FC hitwoman wrapped up the League Season on 39goals.

Agatha Nimene 10goals feat,brought to memories Erling Haland of Normay, the Norwegian teenage Striker scored nine goals in a single match as Norway thrash Hondurus 12-0, in its last group stage game at the 2019 FIFA U-20 Male World Cup. thus far becoming the first Striker to scored nine goals in a single match as far as European football history is concerned and this is also the biggest in the history of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, however the 14-year-old Agatha Nimene of Liberia beat his margin by a single goal and that was her 10goals in a single game against Naskids in Liberia’s women Football of which will go down in history of the beautiful game of Soccer.

It’s not easy to score 10 goals in one game. I can say that because I haven’t seen any player done that and it is remarkable for me to do that She told Liberian Sports international in an brief interview.

Meanwhile , the Blanco FC and Naskids Female Match was a reschedule LFA League fixture that was postponed after heavy down pull of rain at the Antionette tubman Staduim last friday.

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