Yaya Dukuly open -up on Why he choose Australia over Liberia

I was always going to choose Australia over Liberia ,” because of my family and Where i came from a downtrend of Poverty, YaYa Dukuly Explain Why he choose Australia over Liberia, reflecting on Sacrifices.

Australia-Liberian forward Yaya Dukuly – has insisted that he has no regret or issues committing his future career to Australia than Liberia and stated that his career choice decision by deciding to play for Austria instead of Liberia was the right choice for his family.

The 16-year-old has played 13minutes across two matches at the 2019 FIFA under -17 World Cup ongoing in Brasilia( Brazil).

Born in Guinea to Liberian parents, Dukuly fled the Liberian Civil war when he was only a child and arrived in Australia in 2004.

He grew up in Adelaide one of the largest City in Australia,where his parents worked tirelessly to support the family’s new start to life from downward trend of Wartorn Liberia and how to meet up with the beautiful colors of Life, after they survived thunders of bullets and mystery of poverty in the West African state.

Yaya Dukuly, was risen through the ranks of Melbourne City and making a big name in youth competitions of Australia, and has definitely becomes a hot cake for Australia, Liberia and Guinea, as he have signed a Hyundai A-League scholarship contract in September.

Dukuly is one of the brightest talents at Melbourne City and has so far established himself as one of the hottest kid in Austrialian football,emerging alongside Adelaide United star Al Hassan Toure, who also fled the Liberian war and started a new life in Adelaide with his family, Dukuly’s journey mirrors the shared story of hope for thousands of African Australian migrants across the country.

It’s so important in this day and age,” he said. And “It was a decision made from my heart for my family, ”I play for my family’: for the years and sacrifices they made for me, the decision was something i thought, i was always was going to do, since my childhood.

“Reflecting on the past and challenges he faced down the line and how he has surfaced at the Top of Australian Soccer and also how far he has reach,to be playing in a World Cup, particularly Dukuly’s journey to Brazil has been epitomised by sacrifice.

“I can’t remember the last day of work my dad missed. My mum used to work two jobs. I never used to see her,” he told Liberian Sports International.

“She’d drop us at school in the morning and that was it, at one point she was working two jobs and going to sacrifice for all for us.

“I don’t play for myself, because I know where I’ve come from. I play for my family.”I don’t have any regrets because I want to write the story of Success for my family and I hope I’ll be able to do that,” the forward told Liberian Sports International.

“For me [the World Cup] is a good experience, a dream come true, “looking back from where i came from,reaching at this far and playing at a World Cup, a great memory for me to share and i am looking forward to doing my very best to make my family proud.

“I spoke about the decision with them, on how are was going to represent Australia and all i could see the lights of blessings in everyone eyes and i am really happy and comfortable with my choice.”Dukuly said.

Dukuly made his debut in the Australia 2-1 lost to Ecuador in their first match of the FIFA under-17 World Cup, currently taking place in Brazil, the 16-year-old, lad play 13minutes in the Joeys Group B, opening game replacing the 17-year-old Lawrie-Lattarizio- Luis in the 78-minute, but sat on the bench in Tuesday 2-2 draw with Hungary as Trevor Morgan men held on to one point from two matches.

Australia next play group leader Super Eagle of Nigeria in their last group fixure for a place to knockout stage of the Competition and Dukuly will be hoping to restore life for the (young socceroos) as they bid their quest to go beyond the Group Stage of the ongoing FIFA -U20 World Cup.

For Every time Yaya Yaya Dukuly enters the football pitch, he remembers the sacrifices that have got him there.

“I am praying to continue my best in this Important Competition for me and i am hoping we progress beyond the group stage, so that i have a chance to continue playing and enjoy my WorldCup fill with joy.

“if i think about where i came from , i want to give my all in one for my Country, Australia is my home , though inside me i feel as an African,but this is where i belong and i have live here for years.
“There’s a lot of boys in Adelaide, especially from my community making it out now. There’s Al Hassan Toure, we’re all a small friend group, and a lot of us are making it out.
“With the community looking at us and seeing what we can do if you really want to become someone in life, it means a lot to people in our community.

“We come from somewhere where we didn’t have much. For someone from my community to make it this far means a lot.”

Meanwhile, the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil is Dukuly’s second trip away with the Joeys, he has previously played for the Australian U14 and U15 National teams.

“Everyone has come from different teams, countries, backgrounds religions. When we all come together we’re just a real solid unit.” Dukuly added.

Yaya Dukuly is not the only player from African decent , representing the Australia U17 at the FIFA U20 World Cup, Ethiopia born – Idrus Abdulahi is another man in the Joeys listing , he was born in Addis -Ababa, but migrated to Australia as a refugee in 2010 and have gone on to established himself as one brightest prospect in Australian football.

Despite representing the joeys at the 2019 FIFA Under-20 World Cup, Yaya Dukuly still remain eligible to play for Australia, Guinea and Liberia at Senior International level, that is according to football world body (FIFA) rules that governed international football.

Yaya Dukuly was born to a Liberian parents in Guinea,but move to Australia at the age of one -year and that is where the young Dukuly started to developed and eventually turning his career into Soccer.

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