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Hany Aburaida, a member of the Executive Board of the International Football Association (FIFA) and former president of the Football Association to end the crisis of international referee, put Gihad Greisha on top of the list nominated to be in the World Cup 2022.

Sokafrika learned that the members of the intrime committee in Al-Jabaliya, headed by Amr Al-Janaini, gave “Grisha” a promise after the intervention of “Aburaida” to re-arrange the list of referees sent before the “FIFA” camp scheduled for next March.

The Referees Committee, headed by Gamal El-Ghandour, placed Gihad Greisha in the third position after Ibrahim Nour El-Din and Amin Omar in the candidate list to choose one representative for the Egyptian arbitration in the next World Cup.

Gihad Grisha objected to his position in the third arrangement in the media during the past days, which prompted Muhammad Fadl, a member of the committee, to demand “Grisha” to remain silent until the next board meeting, hoping to make amendments to the arrangement of the list of referees and send an official letter to “FIFA” Certainly, “Grisha” is considered the first referee in Egypt according to its arbitration history and international seniority.

According to EFA , the committee rejected the request of Gamal El-Ghandour, the head of the referees committee, to refer Gerha’s to the investigation and to stop him from officiating matches in the Premier League until the completion of the investigations opened by the Football Association regarding the status of the evaluation of the referee’s ranking.

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