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Didier Drogba Offers his newly constructed hospital to help as a Covid19 treatment centre.

Drogba’s Laurent Pokou hospital located in city outskirts  of Abidjan.  Photo courtesy

Former Chelsea  and Ivory coast international player Didier Drogba  has allowed his  newly built  hospital to be used by government  of Ivory coast  as a screening and treatment  centre of deadly  pandemic Covid19.

The health  facility was in its final stages of completion  and its the  first  one constructed by Didier Drogba’s  Foundation in Abidjan. It is  named after the Ivory Coast legendary  footballer late  Laurent  Pokou   who was a top scorer  of 1968  and 1970 AFCON tournaments.

Side view  of Laurent Pokou hospital. 

Laurent Pokou  hospital will be one of 13 hospitals  in Abidjan to be used by the state  as a Covid19 health centre if at all its  validated to make it functional  by the West African government.

Ivory coast  is one of the African  countries severely hit by the pandemic, they reported  the first  case on 11th  March and so far they have recorded  5 deaths, 85 recoveries and an over all  total 574 file cases.

Didier Drogba’s Foundation headed by Director Mariam Breka recently revealed their plans to build 5 health  clinics  across the West African country starting with Laurent  Pokou hospital  located in Abidjan.


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