November and the Cairo derby

When discussion intensifies and opinions diverge, there is no way but to the strongest and most separate resort among the debates, namely, records of history that contain abstract figures and fixed facts, which can only then be completely obeyed to their categorical connotations and their just proof …
The papers of the eleventh month of the year tell about the derby long stories, and the November papers set records that keep this month ahead of its peers from the months in terms of red domination …
The November 30 papers tell of 29 confrontations between the red and mixed leader, between official and friendly confrontations, where the general league championship recorded 16 confrontations, and the Cairo region league 10 confrontations, while the share of friendly confrontations was three …
The beginning was on 11/17/1922 with a friendly meeting and ended negatively, while the last meeting was on 11/4/2004 in the general league in which the Century Club tightened its grip on the white prey by a four-way matched by two goals with the signature of (Abu Trika two goals and each of the Angolan Gilberto and Emad Miteb is a goal) while he scored for mixed (Jamal Hamza and Abdel Halim Ali)

Come now, dear reader, we surrender ourselves to the numbers, as they are the only ones able to convey the image without retouching or embellishment …
The two teams played 29 matches during the successive months of November over a period of nearly a hundred years, in which Al-Ahmar won 14 times, while the loss was his share in only 6 matches and the two sides tied in 9 confrontations .. Al-Ahly strikers scored 48 goals, while the white attackers scored 32 goals. One of them is negative in the feet of the star (Mohamed Amer) in the first minute of the famous match in the second week of the 81/82 league, before (Aamer) himself returned to equalize the score three minutes later.
The highest victory for Al-Ahly was in the Cairo Region League on 11/28/1930 with a quarter clean scored by his icon (the icon Mahmoud Mukhtar Tach 3, Labib Mahmoud goal), then the victory was in the fifth week of the 60/61 League on 11/4/1960 with a score of 4/ 1 It is the second biggest victory for the Century Club when (Taha Ismail scored two goals, and each of Sherif Al-Jundi and Mimi El-Sherbini scored a goal), and the sons of Mait Oqba scored his defender (Ahmed Mustafa)
As for the white team’s highest victory, it was on 11/30/1928, with a 3-0 victory, signed (Ibrahim Yakan – Mr. Abaza – Labib Mahmoud before moving to Al-Ahly).
(Mahmoud Mukhtar Altech) sits on the throne of Al-Ahly’s top scorers in November in the history of the Derby with five goals, followed by (Taha Ismail) and (Hussein Hamdi) with 4 goals each, then comes fourth in the goals machine (Ahmed Mekkawi) with 3 goals As for the list of the two goals in the white net from Al-Ahly’s men, it includes (Munir Hafez, Sharif Al-Jundi, Mustafa Abdel Ghaly, Muhammad Abu Trika).
As for the mixed scorer, in the month of November in the history of the derby, the player of the thirties (Sayed Mari) came with only 3 goals, followed by each (Muhammad Latif, Hazem Imam, Jamal Hamzah) with two goals for each player.
As for November 27, which is the expected day for the next confrontation on the African leadership for this year, the two teams have met twice before on the same date, and it is surprising that the two meetings were doomed to a 1-1 draw, which cannot happen on the next 27th.
This happened in 1953 and it was recorded for Al-Ahly (Ahmad Makkawi) and for mixed (Ali Abu Al-Qawasem), and the second time was in a 1981 meeting with the two goals of Amer previously mentioned ..
In conclusion ….
There are two players whose names have been included in the scorers’ list with each team, as each of them played for Al-Ahly and Mixed, and each scored goals for the two teams.
The first is (Labib Mahmoud), who scored 4 goals for the two teams (3 for Al-Ahly, and one for the mixed), and the second player is (Mustafa Kamel Taha), who scored for the two teams (two goals for white and one for red).
Apart from the derby, the paper of 27 of the eleventh month of the year contains 11 confrontations for Al-Ahly in its history in which it won 5 times and tied in the same and lost one time from the Arab Contractors in 2018 with the goal of (Ahmed Ali Kamel) .. As for the highest results were in 2016 Ali Al-Nasr for mining with feet (Walid Soliman two goals, Junior Ajay one goal) .. And the most important of these eleven meetings is the Asante Kotoko match in Cairo in the 1983 African Champions League final, which ended negatively before Al-Ahly lost with a goal (Samuel Opoku Nti ) In Kumasi .. And the top scorer on November 27 is the dear legend (Muhammad Abu Trika), with four goals, three of which were scored by the Arab Contractors goal in 2005, the fourth goal in the Suez Cement goal the following year, and the four goals in the general league .. .
The story of the derby is long and has many numbers and facts, but I wanted to highlight the month of November, which is waiting for a new card to be added on the next 27th, to be added to its calendar, perhaps it will be bright red.

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Mohamed Radwan

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