An African for the World Cup Final

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced its project in order for referees to enter the world of professionalism, as it was initially decided to hold a “semi-professional” for 20 referees within the continent from different regions, with the aim of showing an initial result in the 2022 World Cup, and a long-term plan aimed at governing African to the World Cup Final.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) stated that the list of 20 will be the basis for the choices that will represent the African continent from the referees in the next World Cup, and the choices were based on a set of criteria, the first being the representation of the 6 regions within the continent, and the age factor compared to performance during the last period, and integration with technology Video referee, technical and physical capabilities, and they were awarded one-year contracts.

“Each referee will receive monthly financial allocations, and trainers will be identified in each of the six African regions, in order to work with them technically and physically and we will provide them with equipment,” said Eddie Maye, director of referees in the CAF. “They will be monitored and shares will be obtained through Zoom with a monthly evaluation. . ”

He continued: “The training will be full-time, and the necessary element for referees is performance, and the program is very structured in order to reach the required level in terms of physical and technical, this is a new project, but the goal is clear and this matter will help in order to raise the level of African arbitration.”

Among the goals is for the referee to be young, who can last for longer years, as well as increase the physical capabilities to suit the demands of the match, as the average age in the last African Nations Championship was 34.9 years.

Maye continued: “We are bringing young players who can continue in the program for longer years. We want to continue to search for young talents, and work to increase absorptive capacities with member associations, especially at the level of technology. We want to search for referees who are 30 years old.” Most to join the program to continue for the next 15 years.

The official of the referees in the CAF wants the member federations to reproduce the same experience and award professional contracts to the referees, and this will help in developing the levels.

Maye stressed that the goal of the program is to reach the African referee to manage the World Cup final in the future.

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