FIFA: Megahed is president of the Egyptian normalization committee

FIFA announced the appointment of Eng. Ahmed Megahed as President of the Egyptian football normalisation committee until elections are held

The FIFA announced the appointment of a new committee to manage the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association during the coming period, after thanking the committee that was managed by Amr Al-Ganaini.

FIFA decided to appoint a committee consisting of only 3 members to manage EFA affairs in the coming period, and it is headed by Ahmed Megahed, a member of the former Football Association Board of Directors, who submitted a collective resignation in July 2019.

FIFA stated in an official statement: “A new formation of the Football Association Committee … according to the decision of the FIFA Council office to extend the term of the committee until January 31, 2021, and reduce its composition to three members.”

FIFA added in its statement: “The members of the new committee consist of Ahmed Muhammad Megahed Othman as Chairman, Muhammad Khaled Al-Shawarbi, and Ahmed Husam Al-Din Awad as members.”

The FIFA stated that the committee will assume its duties with immediate effect and that all conditions for delegation will remain, as determined by the FIFA Executive Office.

The FIFA concluded its statement by thanking Amr Al-Ganaini, Chairman of the previous Committee and former members of the Federation Affairs Committee for the work done and their efforts during the period of their appointment.

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